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Short Bio:

My name is David Stewart Battey.  I was born to George Franklin Battey and Grace Evelyn (Swenson) Battey, Caesarian section, on February 14th 1940 at Providence Hospital in Seattle Washington.  Our home was a mill house in the now 'missing' town of Snoqualmie Falls Washington.  Our family moved to Seattle in 1944 where I grew up, attended Lincoln High and married Kathryn Virginia Wickline in 1965.  We moved our family back to the my maternal grandparent's farm near Snoqualmie on August 2, 1975.  We have two children, Dr. Bret Franklin Battey and Lisa Kay (Boehme) Kyle.  I am 'retired' from a thirty-year career with the Bell System (IT oriented) and 3 1/2 years working on Y2K for Nordstrom.

All of my life I have had many interests, including family history, local history, fruit growing and nomenclature, trees and plants, and the Snoqualmie United Methodist Church.

I attribute my wide-range of interests to my uncle, Stewart W. Swenson, mom's oldest brother -- and to a mother who recognized the value in supporting the imagination and creativity of children.

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